“Are you enjoying your life right now?” ~ Girl, Once

This is your life now.

Your Life Now is auditions. It’s the anxious night of sleep before the 6am line-up outside the building, coffee in one hand and book in the other, the newest Elizabeth Gilbert or the classic Uta Hagen, between shuffles from the street to the lobby, lobby to hallway, hallway to room and around the spiral to the monitor table for your time slot.

Your Life Now is nailing 16 bars at a time and sometimes 8, working out how to shine without trying too hard.

Your Life Now is the cold read with the the intern in the corner while the Buffalo other three scribble notes on your resume or eat grapes or watch with a quiet smile.

Your Life Now Kits is the daily check for new opportunities, the sign-up for next week’s chorus call and tracking numbers – 474 for Les Mis, 251 for Encores. It’s the calls from agents and the text to see if your old pal can cover your shift so you can make it to Ripley-Grier on time.

Your Life Now is scene study class after work and the search for a new comedic monologue and turning your living room into a cold cavernous throne room so you Ten can run your Lady Anne one more time before tomorrow.

“Are you enjoying your life right now?”

Your Life Now is the call and the offer, the jumping up and down in the kitchen and the breathless phone call to share the good news.

Your Life Now is the contract in your hand and the YES you sign on the dotted line. Your Life Now is the first rehearsal and the race to get off-book and the always-too-quick leap to tech and opening night. The glowing or lukewarm reviews and the fans who toast you in the bar after the show.

Your Life Now is the job that’s only 16 days long, or the one that lasts years.

Your Life Now is the fast approach to closing night and the tears and hugs, the photos and cards and clippings you take down from the mirror that was yours for a time. Packing the make-up that was your portal every night to To the one who was not you but who came through you.

And Your Life Now is the long train ride back into the wholesale jerseys China city and suitcases up the cheap jerseys China stairs and the flop into bed. And the anxious cheap jerseys night of sleep before the 6am cheap jerseys line-up.

“Are you enjoying your life right now?”

Enjoy it all. Here and now. Because waiting to get the job before you get happy, waiting until the call comes or you have 3 months’ barebones expenses in the bank – waiting for anything to give you a life you love, robs you of loving right now.

So the challenge/invitation is to Love Your Life Right Now. cheap mlb jerseys Search for what to love. Proclaim the love unconditionally. Pay attention to what you’re paying attention to. Choose. Right now. No matter what.

1 Comment on Your Life Now (a love letter to myself + all theatre artists)

  1. Jon "Bleurose" Rosen
    July 17, 2015 at 12:26 pm (3 years ago)

    yes… Yes… YES… We open tonight in San frncisco, something I never thought I would ever do again (the last time in 2004 didn’t go so well but great hopes and aspirations for this time). Not sure how it will turn out, but the journey is more important than the destination.




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