“48 que Days Early” photo & poem ©2013 Maggie Hollinbeck, all rights reserved.
This morning I am impatient for you
I’ve been riding this wave of placid longing
But I’ve reached shore
48 days early and now I wholesale nfl jerseys just want to
Finally know the weight of your embrace
For several nights I’ve had a ritual
Alone as the bedside light clicks off I
Roll across the moonlight to my receptive side
Leave my clothed body on the bed and 
Rise my naked soul up to the ceiling
Through the ceiling and up into the ink
Calling your naked letter soul to me
Open, the invitation, the offering that is myself
And I feel you arrive behind me
Knees of your naked Single-Family soul against the backs of mine
Heart of your soul beating into the back of mine
Your ethereal arms strong around my Velocity waist
I nestle my soul’s hips back against yours
and I drift off to sleep there high above
My bed and body
My soul and your soul entwined
Last night and the night before I couldn’t
Rise up high enough couldn’t
Call your soul to me couldn’t
Feel your knees caressing me into wholesale mlb jerseys an S-shape
Against the cheap nba jerseys solidity of your soul
And I grow impatient with your silence
I grow into the thorns NG689Skw of my longing
I grow angry in the wanting you
Not angry
Just Dangerous impatient
Ticking down the days inside a heart
On a dry-erase board
Tall in my resilience but today
I stomp my feet
Against the bricks of your absence
Tired I return to the soft earth of my belly
And whisper to the future there
Speak to my impatient self of
How it will be
How I’m not worried
How I know you’re just a matter of time away
And the time ticks
Whether I’m stomping my feet or
Lying in bed in the moonlight
On my receptive side
Calling our souls to union
In the ink above my lonely body
The time ticks either way
*first published September 2013

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