Discovered Heart, Green Lake, Seattle. December 2012.
Discovered Heart, Green Lake, Seattle. December 2012.

If you make the choice to take a path to grow your soul and evolve in love – I mean, if you really, consciously look it in the face and say “Yes, I will take this path” – well, just get ready, my love.  It’s going to be a beautiful storm.

If you make the choice to be who you want to be in the world – not just hope that you can be, if the circumstances don’t blow you off your center – trust that you will be called to the task.  It will not be roses on your doorstep.

If you make the choice to live a whole-hearted life – to live courageously, powerfully, heart-wide-open, connected and vulnerable and human – be prepared to meet all the places within where that feels absolutely. fucking. terrifying.  This is where you will meet yourself.

You will look like everyone else.  You will look like your lover.  Your ex.  Your boss.  Your best friend.  Your estranged brother.  You will look like the child who can’t stop crying at 3am.  Or the teenager who is flipping you off in front of his friends.  You will meet yourself again and again.

You will forget that it is you.

This is part of the work.  The forgetting as well as the remembering.

And when you remember…well.  Then you’ll really be up against it, beloved.  Because then you have to take action in the face of everything that tells you to go back to sleep.  You’ve already made the choice.  It’s here for you now.  It is waiting patiently for you to meet it.  To meet yourself.  Your Self.

You’ll see that the path behind you has been covered over with sand.  It’s really no longer an option.  The way out is ahead.

But oh, this is where the gold is.  Because you will, sweetheart, you will breathe that terrified breath, you may have to close your eyes, and you’ll take that next step on the path.  You’ll be Who You Really Are, for this moment and just this moment (for it will be all that you think you can stand) and the storm will go…quiet.

All that will be left in the silence is your quiet tear-stained smile.

You came home to yourself.  You met yourself and you were love.  You are love.

And the storm will pick up, and you will forget again.  It’s all part of the work.

This is where you will meet yourself.


*first published February 2013

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