Stardust Gathering

It takes mad courage to long, to yearn.

Mad.  Like, crazy courage, to say

“This.  This, Universe.  Please.”

And then to prepare with all your might,

prepare your “Yes.”

Because this, your longing, is on its way.


Right now.

It’s already here, vibrating in your hands,

quivering, gathering the molecules and the mass.

Gathering right before your blinking eyes.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to say this and then yes?

It’s too late for that question anyway.

In your longing you are stardust gathering in your hands.

You are the longing and the this and the stardust and the yes.

You are that powerful.


*first published September, 2013
Photo © Maggie Hollinbeck.  All rights reserved.

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