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So glad you’re here. Pull up a seat, let me tell you a bit about myself.



I’m a different kind of audition coach than what you’re used to: I work with you on where your negative self-talk, doubt, and past experiences are tripping you up. I help you to let go of self-sabotage and anxiety so that you can show up in your auditions feeling free, empowered, and confident.

This unique approach to audition coaching has grown out of my “double life” – I’ve spent most of the last 20+ years working as a professional actress/singer/musician, both in NYC and LA as well as across North America on two national tours (Annie and Once). I also left the biz for a bit, earned my M.A. in Psychology, and worked for 15+ years as a certified holistic life coach and psychotherapist. My focus has been on mind/body approaches to healing anxiety and trauma, and helping people to cultivate more joy and empowerment in their lives.

Are you just aching to know more? Read on!



I was pretty much born with the performing bug, and always knew that was what I wanted to do. Piano lessons started when I was 3 1/2 (because I begged my mom so my mom begged my teacher, who normally refused to take students so young) and throughout elementary and junior high school I produced dozens of variety shows in my neighbor’s garage – complete with roller skating and special effects. (Ask my sister about the time I thought she should definitely get hit with a bucket full of water at the end of her “Rio” lip sync. True story!)

As I entered high school at a performing arts magnet, I was fully intending to become a great jazz pianist, but accompanying the drama department’s winter musical changed everything. I spent the entire show staring up at the stage, wondering how I could do what they were doing. I auditioned for the spring musical and, four years and over a dozen productions later, I headed to college to earn my Bachelor’s in Theatre Arts.

With my B.A. in hand I headed straight to New York City and pursued my dream…and I did pretty darn well, bless it! I worked a lot and was on the rise. But truth be told, I did not have the emotional resilience to handle the city or the biz at that point. I was sensitive, neurotic, insecure…you name it. Although I was doing well professionally, I suffered personally. After four years I headed back to California, got out of the biz, and went to grad school to earn my Master’s in Clinical Psychology.

If performing is my first love, personal healing and development is definitely my second. I spent over a decade working as a psychotherapist, specializing in body/mind approaches to heal anxiety and trauma. I’ve studied and trained in just about every modality you’ve never heard of, from the mental to the physical to the energetic to the spiritual.

After a few years I just couldn’t stay away, and started doing theatre again as a hobby. Ha!


Pretty soon I was doing it as much as possible – just like the first time – and to be honest, I regretted leaving New York, especially since over a decade of personal development had given me a completely different mindset and emotional skills that, had I known them earlier, probably would have helped me stay and make a real go of it in NYC. (This realization was the seed of the coaching business I have today.)

In 2013 a dark night of the soul led me to reconsider my priorities, and I decided that life was just too short to not be living the life I really wanted to live. So I recommitted to my performing career and discovered that, with a different mindset, it’s a different game! It’s still hard, but most days I find joy in the challenge and I’ve never been happier.

Just as I suspected, the tools I’ve put to use to make my auditions and life better, are also helping other performers! It’s intensely gratifying to see people get their confidence and joy back, to change their self-talk for the better, and to graciously put fear and doubt out of the driver’s seat and into the back seat.

Well dang, you read all the way to the bottom! Right on, friend. Now, what can I do for you?