I love performers.

I love our vulnerability, that softness that allows us to embody characters and play our emotional range like a keyboard for the sake of telling an amazing story.

And…no matter how much you polish your audition material, if you struggle with the 3 C’s – confidence crises, comparison to others, and/or competition phobia, you MUST learn how to shift your mindset so that these pesky little gremlins don’t mess with you!

THE ACTOR’S MINDSET MAKEOVER is my free gift to you, an introduction to the mental game that will help you get to all of the auditions you want to get to (which, by the way, is at least half of the game!) and bring your most confident, relaxed, empowered self into those auditions – because everyone behind the table can feel you. Don’t you want them to feel you at your most confident, relaxed, empowered best? (Hint: the answer is a resounding YES.)

So join me. Take the first 11 days of 2017 to breathe, shift your perspective, take back your power, and get your mind on straight for the spring audition season. You’ll be so glad you did!


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