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How and Why to Start a Gratitude Practice

A few years ago I finally took a friend’s advice and started keeping a gratitude journal. Now, anyone who grew up in the Oprah age knows about gratitude journals and I was no exception, but I’d started and stopped many, many times and truth be told the only reason I started a few years ago was because I was so stuck in my life and so out of my own ideas as to how to turn things around, that I was willing to do things I’d never done in order to get a result I’d never had. Creating a gratitude practice did indeed turn my life around, and I’ve kept up the practice for almost three years now, with no intention to stop!

First, here’s the how.


Guest Blog: Thanks For Sharing!

Check out my latest guest post, this time on
Aaron Galligan-Stierle’s Audition Inspiration blog! 


Hey, you’ve got an audition later today! You’ve done your homework, your book is in great shape, the material is rock solid, and your outfit is so on point. High five, you.

But wait! Your audition prep isn’t quite done yet. Take a moment, take a breath, and check in.

How do you feel? Nervous? Dreading it? Pissed that you only get to sing 16 bars – again?

Believe it or not, all of that is about to get transmitted the moment you walk in the room.

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A Meditation On Alchemy

Recently I made caramel for the first time.
Have you ever made caramel?
Simple: Sugar. Pan. Heat. Patience.
For a long time you see sugar crystals in a pan.


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