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A Language of Possibility


When I was in grad school I was lucky enough to be exposed to a theoretical orientation (a way of working with clients) called Narrative Therapy. Narrative Therapy focuses on story, specifically examining the stories clients are telling themselves about certain painful events in their lives, how those stories impact them, and seeing if there’s another story available that would ease their suffering. Clinicians were also encouraged to examine their own stories about their clients – specifically, stories that disempower the client – and to stay vigilant to make sure they are holding their clients in their minds as essentially healthy, resilient, powerful people. You look for where the client is doing things well and expand those stories. (more…)

Two New Life Rules



Friday, 7:58am. I’m standing in the living room of my friend’s apartment, holding my wallet in my hand. I’m wearing pajamas and flip-flops and I’ve just come back in from the first of several car-juggling trips I’ll take today to avoid a $52.50 parking ticket.

I stare at my wallet. Why is this in my hand? Did I take it with me to move my car? cheap nba jerseys That would be silly. Did I bring it in from the car – which means that I left it in the front seat of my car overnight? God, I hope not. Why is this in my hand? I was up until 2:30am last night, designing and uploading and ordering CD’s to beat a deadline. I’ve been subsisting on about four hours’ sleep per day, coffee, and dark chocolate. After a few minutes I realize that there’s no way I’ll recollect why my wallet is in fact in my hand at 7:58am, so I put it away and open de my laptop. It’s time to get to work. (more…)

The Velocity of Joy


January, 2014. Lying broken in a pile on the bedroom floor. No job, no home, shattered broken heart. Praying to Akhilandeshvari the Always Broken Goddess only because Her existence gave me hope that I wasn’t completely fucked.

But for the first time in a long time, with a crystal clear knowing that the road back to what I knew had crumbled and the only way I could go was forward, which was, in fact, a return  the spiral kind of return which is more of a revolution  to what I had neglected for too long.

I needed an infusion of lightness in my heart. (more…)

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