When you want company for the journey:gather up

Gather Up! A Community of Professional Transformation

Where: New York City

Cost: $300 for 6 weeks

When: Ongoing, in 6-week sessions

Next group starts in January 2016


The two great benefits that Gather Up! has over 1-on-1 coaching are affordability (obvious!) and community—which is the really important one. Community has a proven role in developing emotional resilience, a key factor in transforming the audition mindset from plagued with anxiety to confidently flexible and able to play, whatever the circumstances.  Let those audition bombs fly!

Gather Up! is an opportunity to practice shifting your mindset about auditioning and your work through a mix of internal and group processes, and carefully facilitated group discussion. We’ll also learn and expand on the tools and techniques from Badass Audition Bootcamp so that from week to week you can track your changing attitudes through daily homework and reminders. It’s extremely powerful to join forces with other people equally committed to learning how to feel better in the business, and to supporting each other in that process.


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