“Before I met with Maggie, I left each audition and over-analyzed every aspect of my work, and the more I overanalyzed- the worse the replay in my head became. The anxiety I felt after each audition was over made upcoming auditions harder to enjoy- because I knew what emotions/fears would be greeting me post audition.

Though I’ve always been a fan of yoga, positive affirmations, meditation, I somehow could never get these tools to work for me in a constructive way in the audition room. After meeting with Maggie I walked away with clear, productive strategies that:

  • Give me sense of confidence and freedom in the audition room
  • Allow me to HAVE FUN and actually be present in my auditions
  • Allow me to walk away from the audition without replaying it/torturing myself about the things that could have gone better

After our sessions, I feel grounded and joyful, and am excited to be getting more callbacks and positive feedback at auditions. I feel that I am a happier, stronger person because of my meetings with Maggie. I cannot recommend her enough!”
L.M. – Musical Theatre performer, writer



“I DEFINITELY noticed a difference in my life, especially in the weeks directly following our session. I felt lighter, more at ease, and felt like I had an excellent tool to help deal with some of my general anxieties.”
T.T. ~ Musical Theatre performer, Webseries co-creator/producer



“Maggie is so insightful and helpful when it comes to dealing with your own internal challenges. Whatever it is that you may need to face, whatever it is that’s been too scary to come to terms with on your own, she can help you explore in a way that feels both bold and completely safe. If you have anything that you feel might be emotionally cramping your style, I highly recommend giving her a call. No better time to face that stuff than now.”

S.G. ~ Musical Theatre performer, dancer



“I can’t tell you how good it felt to feel able to cope – on my own – in a very organic way  and not feel out of control.  At my first sense of overwhelm I was able to use the tools you gave me to steer the experience in a way that felt safe and ultimately empowering in a space where fear had held me captive…what I do know NOW is that I have the tools I need to cope in a healthful way.  I have no doubt that it was an important step in reclaiming my power in resilience. I can not thank you enough for that tremendous gift. Thank you for sharing your healing with me, Maggie. I appreciate our sessions, I appreciate you answering my texts, and I appreciate feeling so accepted and understood in a world that can be difficult for us “sensitive” types. In such a short time, the EFT and your grounding presence has changed me for the better. I knew I needed some Maggie Hollinbeck in my life – now I know why.”

S.T. ~ Musical Theatre performer